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No Game like Texas HoldEm

Texas HoldEm is without a doubt the most popular out of all the Poker games currently being played. It offers a huge variety of action and the playing styles of all the players vary massively. It is a game where an amateur can take down a professional and where the professional can take down each other within a matter of minutes. Unlike some Poker games, like Razz, it is very straightforward and easy to pick up after a few hours of watching it.

Texas Hold Em Poker has taken a massive upswing since 2003 and the game is constantly growing. This has had a major impact on the online Poker world and the best Poker sites are constantly competing to attract as many new players as possible. They usually do this by hiring some of the most established names in Poker, such as Canadian Daniel Negreanu, American Phil Hellmuth and American Tom Dwan, to show that they are putting a lot of effort in to their product.

Texas HoldEm has been around for several decades and throughout that time the money involved in the game has just kept growing. Buy-ins for the more prestigious tournaments could be just a couple of hundred dollars while now it can be well over 10,000 Dollars. The same thing goes with the prize money and the size of the pots. Only a decade ago a pot of 100,000 Dollars could seem huge to most high rollers. Today it is a fish in a pond and hands much larger than this is being played on a daily basis.

The sponsors and promoters of Poker have had a huge impact in this, offering players and tournaments lucrative contracts where they make millions of dollars every year. The fact that any player can go on and win huge tournaments is another reason why people are so attracted to Poker. With just a couple of dollars a player can buy a seat in a satellite. Via that satellite they can qualify for a larger tournament and before they know it they could be playing for millions of Dollars.

Other Poker games, bar Omaha, can’t boast the same figures and pot sizes either online or in live play. That is why most new Poker players only try their luck with Texas Hold Em Poker since it is the best way to make a lot of money just by combining a bit of skill with a bit of luck.


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