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Would a Roulette Machine Ban drive Players Online

online roulette machine

There is much debate on the topic of fixed odds betting terminals and whether or not they should ban roulette machines all together, gambling devices which have developed numerous enemies over the past ten years since their evolving domination of the high street. Some people even claim they encourage problem gambling, are too accessible for young players and they drive poor communities further into the ground. But these are just the critics; the majority of people who play roulette machines are in fact just simply out enjoying themselves. But what would happen if they did ban fobt devices from betting shops, pubs and night clubs. Where would the innocent then go to spin casinos most popular virtual production? Would a ban drive these same players online?

The good news is that the alternative landscape for roulette machine players online is potentially more valuable, it’s also more convenient, regulated and variable. Casinos are now purposely developing their virtual roulette tables in trying to follow their slot games which are now the most impressive the internet has ever seen. Developers like playtech for instance are constantly trying to improve their technology platforms with regards to virtual casino game simulation. Add in a dramatic real money welcome bonus and suddenly the idea becomes very attractive. So where as banning fobt games could effectively take out the wrong doers (15 year old kids who frequent betting shops) the remaining functionality would actually improve for those considering the web.

Betting shops on the other hand have responded to far cries for more control by incorporating special codes to the software that allows for special warnings. This means that fixed odds betting terminals will now warn players if they’ve either spent too much time gambling or too much money gambling, either way they’re both probably the same thing. This is a still a major leap forward for responsible gaming but the internet still has some way to go, sure online casinos can suspend account holders with patterns of problem gambling but they can still change sites at the last minute. There are those that firmly believe that a ban on roulette machine games would just target the wrong people and not those who actually need the restraint, in fact a ban would just send the wrong kind of people to the casinos that frequent cyberspace. But what awaits the majority of players who decide to switch to the internet to spin roulette simulators.

Independent casino portals and information hubs like covertcasino have already started to prepare players for the potential transition. The site which provides one of the largest guides on tips for playing roulette machines has shifted all of its resources into finding the best online based deals for roulette simulators, measures which include trusted and detailed accounts of virtual wheels, specific bonuses targeted for roulette players and forming exclusive deals with some of the biggest betting shops on the internet. If they’re going to ban fixed odds betting terminals, then the message to the innocent is clear. It’s a whole new world online.




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